Letter to Governor Jerry Brown

January 26, 2016

Aloha and Good morning Governor Brown,

I want to start by thanking you for taking your time today to read my personal letter. My name is Surender Jainandun Singh and am the proud son of my late mother Grace Jainandun Singh, my father Jaitsen Jainandun Singh and proud brother of my late sister Daphne Jainandun Singh. I write to you on behalf of my mother, father and sister as a family. Its been a long time for us all who have been involved with my families case to finally be here in front of you. A very long time indeed. It is almost impossible to write you about the tragedy that started 33 years ago and that continues till today in a short letter, so I will keep it to the point.

I was born in the Netherlands in 1969 however came to the US at the age of 2 so I have literally grown up in California, other than living in the Netherlands for 2.5 years during my youth. I am currently 46 years old, am the father of Anais and Narcisse my 2 beautiful daughters and grand daughters to my Dad Jaitsen, who are currently in college studying Law and in High School prepping for College. I am involved in multiple areas of business, including property management and in teaching people en masse about how to create wealth and time freedom by transitioning from traditional business to building leverage via cash flowing assets in The Big Business sector via the Health and Wellness Arena. I am author to a soon to be published book titled “Via Via” and also assist in mentoring troubled children in Orange County and Kauai, Hawaii.

I can go over 50,000.00 pages plus that are involved in this case and go over the facts that my father was framed by a man trying to rise in position and power, however the court documents already reflect that the court system found my father was indeed framed and reversed the decision giving him a new trial. I can also Talk about how not only were we not allowed to go to a different county to be fair since foul play was indeed the culprit the first trial and how we even got stuck with the same office who just got caught framing my father before, the jury misconduct, the pulling me at sidebar to force me not to be able to simply tell the truth of what had previously occurred with the jailhouse informant allowing the jury to be misled again, the confessions of the jailhouse informant about the murders of my beautiful mom and sister to others in detail and coinciding with there autopsies, yet the prosecution still contends they have no idea who committed the murders, the deal that was struck to provide benefits to the informant, but then backfired forcing the truth to be told and the untimely death of the informant just prior to the second trial facilitating the exclusion of his recanted testimony, or the DNA and prints that were gathered by the Police dept that were lost in their possession, but I won’t because the record speaks for itself. Unfortunately for our entire family, what the record reflects doesn’t provide for the outcome that should have occurred which was to give my father the freedom he Always deserved.

What I will say in short is this Governor Brown, and if there were ever words invented in todays language that could sum up the 33 years of agony that are behind this statement, It would convert to this:

PLEASE GIVE MY FATHER THE FREEDOM THAT HE SO DESERVES BACK TO HIM. You have the power to bring an end finally, to this nightmare we have been living. And I won’t stop there because theres something equally important you should also know.

I have supported my dad the entire time during this nightmare, because I know he had Nothing to do with it. My mother Grace and Sister Daphne would be proud to know that we have done everything to find the culprits of the cowardly and senseless Killings, exposing the truth that would give my father a second albeit short chance before being shafted again. If I had even less than one percent feeling that my dad was involved in this even excluding all the uncovered facts showing he was framed, I would have never supported him. Ever!

My dad Jaitsen has done exactly the opposite of what is said of him. He has never been or is now definitely not a threat to anybody or to society. After 33 years having 0 disciplineary write-ups, having never struck a deal to get out early, after having accomplished many trades he was allowed to attend and complete, after having to have suffered by never of having had the opportunity to normally mourn the deaths of my mother and sister together with me, after having different people attack and try to end his life because the case has been political, after all the lies that were fabricated, after having relatives and friends abandon him simply because they were told lies and deceived which is now coming to light with new discovery via social media. But there are still us who are waiting for my dad, their friend, their grandpa, their brother, their nephew, their cousin to come home. And we will never stop trying either, through the Justice System that we all are privileged to have considering what is going on on a Global Scale.

I am personally kneeling before you on my knees with my hands clasped together to ask you to have Mercy on my father and let the Dutch Government take him home to the Netherlands. He has an entire support system there, work opportunity, family to visit, the assistance of the Government and the proper healthcare to aid in his declining health and age related difficulties. Let the State of California not have to carry his financial burden any longer. If you were to look into my fathers case very closely you would only see circumstantial evidence, people who have testified that they heard something from someone, Hearsay at best, but if you would break down in-depth why the motives for these individuals are to continue to spread the lies you will see a tale very different from the truth. More like a personal vendetta by spreading these lies to facilitate ones own gain. The truth is soon to be released and those who continue to perpetuate these lies will have themselves exposed as well. The World is waiting for Justice to culminate for once in this mans life. FOR ONCE in this mans life and we await your decision with anticipated glee for doing what should have been done a long time ago. Time, he has not any longer and for him to remain in the US Prison system will simply seal the fate that the Governor of the Beautiful State of California which we have called home since the early 70’s wasn’t able to take the time to familiarize himself with this mans Illegal incarceration for over 32 years which isn’t our words but the same court systems of the Great Country of The United States of America who overturned his case and simply let this mans and his families fate at the hands of those who wish otherwise. My father, Jaitsen Jainandun Singh Deserves full attention because he has earned it.

Please bring my father home to me!!!,

I’ve been without my dad since I was 14 years old, my only remaining parent and still somehow after having followed him from Prison to Prison having driven over 750,000 miles over 30 years and growing up by myself, he has still instilled morals and values in me that the majority of parents who see there kids everyday in todays society don’t even bother to do. If you had an hour conversation with him face to face, I guarantee you would unlock the gate for him personally. Theres a reason most guards tell him he shouldn’t even be in there and that actually have received personal coaching from him.

He is ready!!

Thank you eternally for reading my letter and Plea to release my dad to us,

Sincerely submitted,

Surender Jainandun Singh

Proud son of Grace and Jaitsen and eternal Brother to my Beautiful Sister Daphne. I leave it in your hands Mr. Brown.

Simply, Mahalo nui loa.