Queen’s Day (Koninginnedag) in English

Yes, friends, relatives, business partners and other human beings, Saturday April 28, you don’t want to miss this unbelievable orange party. Check it out!


That’s pretty cool, huh?! Go to www.sfdutch.com for further details.

And wait, there’s more; yours truly will be the announcer! Plenty of opportunities to see me in action before I will rise to the occasion and will become a member of the hall of fame of the Netherlands-American Foundation, November 17, Los Angeles. I will be in great company with the likes of Walter Cronkite and Paul Verhoeven. Further announcements will be made within a few weeks. Stay tuned.

And, folks, other than great (Dutch) food, a flea market and the Grolsch beer garden, there is also the official opening by the Dutch James Bond and some of his girls 2 pm.


Hang on, err……that is Consul General Bart van Bolhuis and Janneke on the left (Embassy Washington, DC) and Mariette on the right (I Spy from The Hague). Actually taken by me during the great mentee gathering in Los Angeles, last Monday. 10 aspiring mentees from the Netherlands were coupled with their mentors during a great evening at the Beverly Hills Country Club (ahem). A panel that consisted of Pieter Jan Brugge (a.o. “Glory”, winner of 3 Academy Awards), Philip Westgren (“Die Hard”, “Tomb Raider”, etc), Michiel Groeneveld (manager Junkie XL) and Nina Markus, councel at 20th Century Fox, discussed “how to get and stay in Hollywood”.                                                                  In 2 languages when necessary. Moderator was the excellent Producer, Journalist and Entertainment Consultant Marieke Oudejans. Google them!  Jaap Veerman, Deputy Consul General and motor behind this all, got a nice gift and many heart felt thank you’s before he moves to Mexico City for new and exciting adventures. Intro and outro by the best Ambassador I’ve ever seen in the USA; Renee Jones-Bos.


Here together with our fab Public Diplomacy lady Jennifer Katell (left), our one and only……(guess!)


Anyhow, you’ll get it, you’ll meet all these exciting personalities April 28th without an entrance fee!

A real Dutch treat; BE THERE!

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